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GPEX is aware of the global limitation of natural resources and wants to deal with it responsibly. In its business operations, GPEX strives to make a positive contribution to the environment and to minimize the environmental impact.
The vision and principles of GPEX on the environment are:

  • … GPEX gives copiers a second life. This extends the economic life and reduces the demand for new equipment and raw materials.
    • … GPEX is a responsible partner in the circular economy of copiers and printers.
    •           … GPEX strives to continuously reduce its environmental impact by complying with legislation (including WEEE and environmental management, waste act). Environmental requirements are imposed on suppliers, customers, employees and service providers.
    •           … GPEX measurably maps the environmental aspects of transport, residual waste, paper, cardboard, wood, plastics, gas and electricity and works with a certified environmental management system (ISO14001).

The GPEX’s environmental objectives are:

  • Reuse of paper, plastic, wood.
    • Waste processing takes place exclusively by ISO 14001 certified suppliers.
    • Reduce the use of gas, electricity and CO2 (transport) per machine per quarter.
    • Export deliveries 98% carried out in accordance with WEEE guidelines.
    • GPEX works in accordance with the ISO14001 standard and keeps the environmental management system up to date with continuous improvements.

All GPEX employees are in some way involved to positively influence environmental aspects in the business processes. No matter how small; Every employee contributes to reducing the environmental impact.

Results of environmental activities.
GPEX registers the impact of its business operations on the environment and calculates the CO2 emission. Through tangible improvements GPEX has reduced its CO2 emissions by 15% by 2022. As a trading company GPEX demonstrates that its vision and mission make a positive contribution to the conscious use of limited resources.
Extending the lifespan of used copiers is positive for our environment. The CO2-avoidance of extended lifespan is substantially greater than the CO2 emissions by GPEX but will not be quantified to avoid false claims.

GPEX believes it is important to give more machines a second life and to manage the waste flow into the circular economy. With branches in the Netherlands and Italy, GPEX achieves a significant volume of growth every year. Many buyers in the export market have strengthened the chain for the reuse of copiers. In the coming years, GPEX will continue to develop and stimulate the reuse of copiers and printers in a responsible manner.

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