Environment policy GPEX

The society we live in is becoming increasingly complex as we become more aware of the limitations of natural resources. GPEX is a trading company in used copiers and accessories all over the world. In its business operations, GPEX strives to make a positive contribution to the environment and to minimize its environmental impact. This implies that…

  • …GPEX gives copier a second life, extends the economic life and reduces the demand for new equipment and raw materials.
  • …GPEX wants to be a long-term responsible partner in the circular economy of copiers.
  • …GPEX strives for continuous growth in turnover and the continuous reduction of its environmental impact by complying with legislation (including WEEE and the Environmental Management Act, Waste) and the requirements of suppliers, customers, employees and service providers.
  • …GPEX measurably maps out the environmental aspects of transport, residual waste, paper, cardboard, wood, plastics, gas and electricity and works with a certified environmental management system (ISO14001). The management receives and assesses the report on a quarterly basis. Improvements are identified and implemented with the organization.


The environmental objectives of GPEX are:

  • Reuse of paper, plastic, wood.
  • Waste processing takes place exclusively by ISO 14001 certified suppliers.
  • Reduce the use of gas, electricity and CO2 (transport) per machine per quarter.
  • Export deliveries carried out 98% in accordance with WEEE guidelines.
  • GPEX works in accordance with ISO14001 and keeps the environmental management system up to date.
  • The environmental management system reports on these objectives and indicates which improvements and/or higher objectives are feasible.


Every GPEX employee is involved in one way or another in influencing the environment. The environmental management system indicates which environmental aspects have been identified in the business processes and which functions help determine the environmental effect. No matter how small; every employee is responsible for the environmental effects of his work. Anyone can submit proposals to reduce environmental impact.

With input from the various functions, the quality officer will periodically (quarterly) draw up the environmental management report, including proposals for improvement, and present this to management. Management will review the reporting and communicate to the organization which improvements have been approved for implementation. Ad hoc, other management officers will analyze the quarterly reports and comment and/or adjust them where necessary.